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Save Money On Web Hosting – Tips

Hello and welcome to this post on how you can save money while purchasing a web hosting package or solution.I would like to point out some simple things that can help you save money on hosting.

1. Purchase a web hosting solution that can host more than one website.
2. Your web hosting should offer at least a free domain name.
3. Databases should be provided without any extra payment.

Let us discuss those things in detail.
You should purchase a web hosting package that can host more than one website.While choosing a web hosting package , you can look at the features provided.Look for the term add on domains supported.It mentions the number of additional websites that you can host in your web hosting package.Purchasing a hosting solution that can host at least 5 websites (like¬†BlueHost hosting) will save you money.You don’t have to purchase additional hosting packages for other websites.

Some web hosting packages offer free domain name.Some companies offer free domain name for life.Getting free domain name is a good idea.It can being down your website hosting cost by 10$ or more.(Cost of domain name).

Make sure that your web hosting packages comes with databases at no additional charges.Some web hosting packages offer unlimited databases with them.Even if you are not using a database make sure you have at-least one database with your website package as it will help you out in case you are upgrading your website to use a database.

Thank you for reading this post on how to save money on web-hosting.

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